"Unity in the Community"

Mediating and De-escalating Critical Conflicts

"Unity in the Community"

Mediating and De-escalating Critical Conflicts


Join Our Anti-Violence Initiatives for the Community

In neighborhoods where violence is the norm, daily life for its citizens becomes miserable. Operation Good believes that banding together to promote anti-violence initiatives can address this to make life better in any Jackson, Mississippi community.

We’re All in This Together

Established more than 20 years ago, we are a nonprofit organization focusing on reducing and eliminating violence in our community. Getting the help and support of constituents is vital to the process because shared solutions produce favorable results.

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Take the Positive Approach

Experience tells us that the best way to deal with acts of violence is to interrupt. That's why we come in to mediate conflicts and mindfully de-escalate.

We’re just as convinced that when you offer people opportunities to take on productive pursuits, they eventually turn their backs on their violent ways. Keeping this in mind, we initiate various programs for the community, including:

  • Developmental Mentoring
  • Healthful Feeding
  • Elderly Care

Let’s Work for a Gun
Violence-Free Community

Our devoted team takes the welfare of community members seriously. This is why our programs are intended to help people break free from violence’s vicious cycle.

In this aspect, we’re proud to impress upon everyone the proven impact of our efforts. Our community has been gun violence-free for the past 289 days. With your help and support, we can keep this going and make life better for fellow community members.

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