The Impact of Our Anti-Violence Programs

Before we took upon the national cure violence model, we managed to take one of the worst neighborhoods in Jackson, MS and reduced the violent crimes from 87% to 14%  over a 3-year period by doing the operation good model. The model was effective in other communities in the city and help keep the murder rate below 80 per year. Although community-based solutions were foreign to the city of Jackson, Hinds County, and federal officials, they started to crowd the areas in which we targeted. Needless to say, due to the majority of our members being ex-con they started to fade away and the impact of our absent showed as the murder rate consistently rising from 2018-2021.(note: the biggest increase was during the coronavirus pandemic)

We were approached in 2021 to do the cure violence model. Because we all felt bad about the increase of violence that had started plaguing our city, we signed on to the national model. With mixing the national cure violence model with operation good model, we embarked on reducing the violence in one of the most violent area of the city.

In our first year we went 286 days without a gun-related death.


In the second year using the cure violence model and utilizing the asset at our disposal we mediated major violent issues in other parts of the city and we were able to get a 20% drop in violent crime after the first year.  We had periods of 125 days without a killing and a period of 118 days. We mentor over 120 high-risk youth between the ages of 13-26. None of the high-risk individuals were killed.

Also with being present providing hot meals during corona, water during water crisis, securing our elderly and sick during the ice storm, providing food, shelter, and hygiene products to the displaced victims of hurricanes, our impact (ripple) produced a wave of individuals and organizations to help out their neighbors during time of crisis.