What We Do

Our Collaborative Anti-Violence Programs

For any community-based program to work, it must deeply involve all Jackson, Mississippi stakeholders. This is why our anti-violence programs and all other initiatives that support these at Operation Good follow a collaborative approach.

We deal directly with members of the community to analyze the root cause of any violent incident. This way, areas of critical conflict are thoroughly assessed and eventually resolved.


For Every Conflict, a Resolution

For people who do not wish to get the police involved, we find ways to enable amicable resolution. In the end, harmony is restored and violence is reduced and/or effectively prevented.

Mentor and Feed

Driven by our desire to respond positively to community challenges connected to violent conflicts, we initiate programs beyond this lone pursuit. We also conduct feeding programs for the needy.

To children of less-fortunate families in various parts of the city, we make educational and mentoring programs available. By doing so, we succeed in making life better for all.

Mentor and Feed

Due to the fact that the majority of our staff and members are respected members of their community and of the city we utilize that as an asset. We go into a community with that asset to get familiar with the citizens, assess their needs and wants. Monitor the area daily. Once we complete a need assessment, we begin to implement procedures to uplift the citizens and the community. We honestly believe that if you raise a chihuahua in a pen full of hogs, over time and generations that dog will forget it’s a dog and begin to live like hogs. So we take the initiative to improve the quality of life for the citizens by walking the streets, cleaning them up, clean up the yards of abandoned properties, board up abandon properties. We ensure that the park areas are clean and safe for the kids to play. All while we are getting to know the citizens. Mediate violent incidents as we encounter them. Offer none violent based solutions. We become as the caretaker of that area. We are able to stop many situations before law enforcement are involved.