Our Community

Why Anti-Violence
Mobilization Is Vital

Since 2021, Jackson, Mississippi has seen a record number of homicides and is fast becoming notorious for having the highest record for such in the world. Operation Good believes that civic anti-violence mobilization is a sensible abatement solution to this.


Do Your Part

It takes a village to raise a child safe from harm. As the city’s proud and law-abiding children, let’s help each other steer our community away from a culture of violence. Operation Good advocates are eager to help you learn more about our cause.

The community we serve is the entire City of Jackson, anywhere in the State of Mississippi, if we are needed. However, we mostly are engaged in the most impoverished areas of Jackson. The communities that are rampant with violence, despair and hopelessness. The elderly, the poor, the innocent, the disabled, the afflicted, those that are shut in, the homeless, the wayward youth, the drug addict, and the lost are those who we try to protect, uplift, empower and provide our services too. We try to be there for the people in moments of crisis and despair. Offering anything from Social services, educational development, economic development of impoverished areas, political awareness and violence interruption.

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It takes a village to raise a child safe from harm. It also takes US to care about US and we must all be engaged to uplift our communities, keep the streets clean, vacant lots and abandoned houses clean for our kids to play, and neighbor looking out for neighbor. Love conquers all, let us as individuals make a Ripple of Love, and let's make a Wave throughout Our City.